Through Siloam Hospitals, we are Indonesia’s largest healthcare group by scale, reach, impact and market capitalization. We operate 24 hospitals, including Indonesia’s single largest hospital facility and the region’s centers of excellence in oncology and neurosurgery. We also manage one of the country’s best public hospitals, and we are proud to bring global quality healthcare to each and every Indonesian.

We have close to 100 schools in remote areas. Everything is free, but there was one obstacle. No teacher wanted to go to remote areas. Today we have set up a teacher college. We recruit students from remote areas to go to a teachers’ training college. Everything is free. But there is one condition — you have to go back to the remote areas to teach for four years. So now we can continue the schools

Dr. Mochtar Riady
Founder and Chairman, Lippo Group


Through our Foundation, we manage one of the country’s largest school systems, with more than 41 Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, as well as three universities — in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan.

Our University, the first in Indonesia to offer a liberal arts curriculum, is among the best private in the country. It is also home to one of the country’s leading law school, teachers college, and faculty of medicine. Our foundation serves 35,000 students with over 20% of our students on full scholarships.

The vision is to utilize all of the opportunities, and all the resources, and all the pathways that are available, to build a multifaceted infrastructure and multifaceted enterprise that would raise and develop the nation of Indonesia, as a leader in Southeast Asia, a leader that will then be able to encourage and support similar kinds of development in other parts of Southeast Asia and across Asia. It is really, to build a nation, and enable that nation to become the leader that it is going to become.