Growing in Stewardship,
Transforming Lives.

WE ARE ONE OF ASIA’S LARGEST AND MOST DIVERSIFIED CONGLOMERATES. Stewardship is at the heart of the Lippo Group. We are grateful for the privilege of building communities, connecting people, impacting lives, empowering minds, and giving those around us another reason to smile.

Our journey started in East Java, Indonesia more than six decades ago...

MOCHTAR RIADY STARTED OUT IN THE BUSINESS WORLD at the age of 22 working in a bicycle shop. Lippo was established in the 1950’s and today, we are Indonesia’s largest services group with a dominant presence across the archipelago, serving more than 80 million people each year.

Our presence extends beyond the shores of Indonesia with operations globally – in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Myanmar, South Korea, Japan, USA, and Australia.

We welcome you to explore and learn about what we do and our Founder’s vision that has guided us through the decades.


We strive to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.

Paul Laudicina in Beating the Global Odds rightly suggests, “We need to move from a world and a system in which people do good by doing well – that is, benefit others and the planet only as a byproduct of focusing on personal profit – to a system in which one does well by doing good – when providing true leadership and service is the central priority and financial returns and personal enrichment are merely their corollaries.”

We hope that each day will bring us closer to this aspiration.


In the News

23 February 2017

No challenge is too high for Lippo

The Lippo Flag being flown by a team member at Aconcagua, Argentina.  At 6,961 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere and considered one of the “Seven Summits” of mountaineering.


Healthcare on the agenda

One of the Lippo Group’s core missions is to make quality healthcare accessible to each and every Indonesian. Representatives from the Lippo Group discuss the future of healthcare at the World Economic Forum on ASEAN.

John Riady, Director of Lippo Group at the World Economic Forum 2017

The world seems to be entering a new and uncertain phase in our history. John Riady, Director of Indonesia’s Lippo Group shares his views on what’s in store for 2017 while attending the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.